Medical Courier

Providing Medical Courier and Delivery Service in Minneapolis & Dallas

Our passion for patient care has created a special division in medical courier industries. Benco has an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) in place focusing on the special needs of the medical community. We understand the importance of fast pick up and delivery, especially when delivering your package on time is a matter of life or death. We can handle a full range of professional medical deliveries.

Emergency and STAT service for specimens and equipmentAll drivers are trained in the areas of blood-borne pathogens, HAZMAT general awareness and specimen integrity maintenanceAll vehicles are equipped with spill kits and OSHA partitioned coolers for specimen transportWith each delivery, you get a highly trained driver who knows how to handle your specialized needsHAZMAT delivery of radioactive drugs from manufacturers and distributors to Hospitals and ClinicsPlacement of drugs and supplies in patients’ homesPickup of lab specimens from patients’ homes and delivery to labsDelivery of pharmaceutical supplies and samples to pharmaceutical repsPickup of lab specimens from clinics for delivery to labsDelivery of medical records, charts, X-rays, etc

Trained Medical Specialist Drivers
As a medical specialty courier service, Benco ensures safe delivery of all kinds of medical products. We know the importance of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our drivers carry spill kits with them while transporting medical specimens. We have the equipments to maintain consistent temperature during transportation of medical specimens. Our drivers are trained to handle spills and exposure incidents. For over 21 years, Benco Delivery Service has worked with medical companies of all specialties in various capacities. We have delivered thousands of stat deliveries throughout the metro and statewide. There are many options and means available to accomplish your medical delivery needs. Benco’s customized service is virtually unlimited. Contact us to create a program for you.