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Describe the role of micro-irrigation in increasing the water-use efficiency. In this Article of World Geography, I want to walk you through the Asia continent - World Geography For UPSC. The size of a watershed (also called a drainage basin or catchment) is defined on several scales—referred to as its Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUC)—based on the geography that is most relevant to its specific area. Online Civil Services Preparation Platform, Watershed can be defined as an independent hydro-logical unit based on the principle of proper management of all the precipitation by way of collection, storage and efficient utilization of run-off water and use of groundwater that discharge to and receive discharge from streams, wetlands, ponds and lakes. In land-water management, we can’t pursue conservation policy as the land-water are dynamic entities and are interdependent on each other. Thus, national water project will help improving agriculture and milk production in water-stressed area. (उत्पत्ति ) 1970 के दशक में, भारत सरकार ने शुरुआत की : भारत में पानी की कमी को दूर करने के लिए मरुस्थलीय विकास कार्यक्रम  ।. (10m, 150 words), “[Model Ans in हिंदी & English] UPSC GSM3-2019/Q7:National Watershed Project in increasing agricultural production? The rights of users to forests and common lands need to be made clearer. Principles of Geography Physical Geography: 1. What is water stress? Bhavani, Moyar, and Kabini watershed-based planning is an example. And with convergence with other schemes such as  KUSUM solar-irrigation pumps, Even they will be able to do multiple cropping per year. (10m, 150 words)”. 254 : Mains-2021, © Copyright 2009-2019 Mrunal Patel, Gujarat, India | All Rights Reserved, [Model Ans in हिंदी & English] UPSC GSM3-2019/Q7:National Watershed Project in increasing agricultural production? In UPSC mains it is part of General Studies (GS) -I. UPSC (IAS) Prelims 2021 is to be held on October 4. Explain the formation of thousands of islands in Indonesian and Philippines archipelagos. Constraints of watershed management:• Building and strengthening competent govt. • The equal distribution of costs and benefits between landless and resource poor people and better-off farmers needs intensive facilitation. वर्ष 2015 में, ग्रामीण विकास मंत्रालय एवं विश्व बैंक ने “नीरंचल नेशनल वाटरशेड प्रोजेक्ट ” के अन्तर्गत इन पहलों को समेकित करने के लिए एक ऋण-समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर किए. Conclusion (निष्कर्ष): परियोजना की सराहना, Model Answers for UPSC Mains → GSM3-2019/Q12: Disaster Vulnerability types & characterization in हिंदी & English (10m, 150 words), Model Answers for UPSC Mains → GSM3-2019/Q11: Hazard Zonation Mapping for Landslide Disaster Preparedness in हिंदी & English (15m, 250 words), Model Answers for UPSC Mains → GSM3-2019/Q10: Govt Reforms to make PDS food grain distribution system more effective (15m, 250 words) in हिंदी & English, Model Answers for UPSC Mains → GSM3-2019/Q9: Govt initiatives for Food Processing Sector in India (15m, 250 words) in हिंदी & English, [Model Ans in हिंदी & English] UPSC GSM3-2019/Q8: Contributions of Sir M.Visvesvaraya and Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, [Download] IAS Topper Notes for Geography Optional- VP Gautham (AIR-138/CSE-2013), [Study-plan] Central Police Forces Exam (Assistant Commandant) Booklist Strategy, cutoffs, [Download] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject Notes by IAS Tejas Parmar, [MPPSC] Handwritten Revision Notes for Prelims: Madhya Pradesh Geography, Census, Schemes, Places (+Halltickets uploaded), [APFC] Accountancy – Basic Study material for APFC/EPFO exam, [Full Length Mock] UPSC Mains GS4: Set#1 Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude incl. UPSC CSE Mains Geography Syllabus Paper - I. 2016 1. Elaborate on the impact of the National Watershed Project in increasing agricultural production from water-stressed areas. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Days Left This’ll help in a long way to double farmers’ income by 2022. 53 : IFS(M)-2020 Need is to develop competence at local level to harness the actual potential. With references to organic farming in India, consider the following statements: ‘The National Programme for Organic Production’ (NPOP) is operated under the guidelines and directions of the Union Ministry of Rural Development. This is needed as the technical competence of most social organisations is weak. How and why does it differ regionally in India? Geography Optional Paper 1 Syllabus Physical Geography . Best Geography Optional Booklist for UPSC IAS - Vajiram and Ravi . Enter your Email ID to receive notifications of new posts. Join Best Civil Services Telegram Channels, UPPCS Prelims Previous Years Solved Papers, APMC-Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Strategy for Writing Answers in UPSC Mains Exam, Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC Civil Service Examination, Booklists and Approach for Sociology by CSE Rank 15, National Open Digital Ecosystem or Gov Tech 3.0, Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan or Self-Reliant India Mission, Schemes for Employment Generation in Rural India, Micro and Small Clusters for Sustainable Development, State of Forest Report 2019 Summary Volume II, State of Forest Report 2019 Summary Volume I, Galwan Valley, Demchok and Daulat Beg Oldie, Methods and Techniques of Soil Conservation, The List of the Governor Generals of India, Role of Energy Efficiency in the Energy Security, Telegram Channels & Group for UPSC Preparation, INSTEX – Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges, Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013, GLimpse of Trafficking bill,2018 and SC/SC Bill,2018, River Information System (RIS) & Hilsa Fish, Reasons for Farmers Protests in Delhi - Secure IAS. Land and water management can’t be taken in isolation i.e. GSM3/2017: Not many years ago, river linking was a concept but it is becoming a reality in the country. • It has been observed that most of the successful watershed programs in India have been implemented on a small scale in a few villages. So all candidates would have prepared data and material for it. Man activities can’t be ignored in water, soil and forest management. Finance: 50% loan by World, rest by the Union. 2014 1. Ground water Depletion: 15. There are scanty water and fuel; Hot Desert in India: Challenges: Extreme temperature, water unavailability, unreachability. (origin of the scheme) In the 1970s, Government of India had launched: Watershed management basically involves storage and recharge of groundwater through various methods like percolation tanks, recharge wells and artificial ponds. It’ll create watershed assets for the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana. The Geography is an optional subject and aspirants can check the detailed Paper 1 … The UPSC Syllabus covers Geography in prelims as one of the subjects in General Awareness, while the IAS mains syllabus for Geography is covered both in the General Studies and Geography Optional papers. These projects were successful as the participant organisations devoted time and resources. UPSC Prelims 2021 Free Mock Test: Indian History 1– Prelims Online Test Series for UPSC CSE (IAS) 2021: Test Series plays most important role in clearing any competitive exam.Like other competitive exams UPSC also need more Hard Work and dedication and in fact 1000% more efforts are needed for clearing this exam. • Concept of social forestry and agro forestry, • Concept of agro climatic based agri development, • All examples of rain water harvesting to meet local demands & drinking water, • Aravali project in Alwar by Rajendra Singh under Tarun Bharat Sangh. (Answer in 250 words) Environment and Geography: Water Stress. (जल-प्रतिबलित क्षेत्रों से कृषि उत्पादन में वृद्धि करने में जल-विभाजक परियोजना के प्रभाव को सविस्तार स्पष्ट कीजिए |) 10m, 150 words, Answer Source: Kurukshetra 2017 November month issue on irrigation. It will benefit students of SSC, Railways, NDA, UPSC, BPSC, JPSC, jssc and those interested in … Case Studies on Blue Whale Game, Gender Equality, Artistic Freedom, [Download] Topicwise UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-3 (GSM3): Economy, Agriculture, Disaster Management, EIA, Science, Internal Security since new Syllabus of 2013, [Psychology] Handwritten notes of an ex-candidate (~200 pages), Last 34 years UPSC Mains question papers (1979-2012), NCERT, NIOS free download, Mrunal Free Live Lecture: IAS Daily Study planner & UPSC FAQs by 1st Attempt Candidates & Launch of Batches for 2021,2022,2023, [Aptitude] Product Consistency: If Sugar price increases then consumption should be Decreased by What %, Time-Speed-Distance problems, shortcuts for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT. 193 : IEnggS-2021 Geography is a compulsory subject in UPSC prelims as well as mains. No, GC Leong book is not enough to prepare geography for UPSC … (Definition) Watershed is geo-hydrological unit of land, which collects water and drains it through a common point. “The Himalayas are highly prone to landslides.” Discuss the causes and suggest suitable measures of mitigation. This concept is more relevant to any nature based planning. [Model Ans in हिंदी & English] UPSC GSM3-2019/Q3: Is Indian Economy in Good shape? Geography Optional Syllabus: If you are planning to prepare for UPSC exam and score good RANK. Difficulty Level: Medium. It is sometimes called a drainage basin. A good water potential in watershed provides a conducive path for its overall development. INTRODUCTION TO Physical, human, Indian and World GEOGRAPHY covering topics like WATER RESOURCES Water availability is 2000 cum/person/year HIMALAYAN AND PENINSULAR RIVER Groundwater resources Groundwater capacity of India Watershed Drought-prone area Program + Desert development program + integrated wasteland development program = Integrated watershed … UPSC Geography Syllabus 2021 - The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) releases the UPSC Geography 2021 syllabus and mentions it in the official notification.Candidates preparing for the UPSC IAS 2021 exam must go through the detailed syllabus of UPSC Geography 2021 in order to qualify the exam. National Watershed Project’s assets will help reducing surface runoff of rainwater, increasing recharge of ground water. Hence if you want to score a good score in the mains, and get a good score there are a list of subjects which might fetch … Had they asked about the Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana or PM Kisan Yojana then scene would have been different. we need comprehensive land-water management, management of upstream conditions, management of forests. Geography Of India. Indian Geography MCQs PDF Download | Mains For UPSC – Download more than 1200 Geography Questions Pdf free for UPSC prelims . मुझे लगता है कई बच्चों ने ठीक से लॉजिकली कनेक्ट करके बात नहीं रखी होगी कि कैसे वाटरशेड से कृषि उत्पादन बढ़ता है, सिर्फ हवाबाजी करते हुए “बहुत लाभ होता है बहुत लाभ होता है type का generic ढिंढोरा  पीटा होगा”, (परिभाषा) वाटरशेड -भूमि की वह भूजल इकाई है, जो पानी एकत्रण का कार्य करती है और एक स्थान से इसे प्रवाहित करती है। वाटरशेड प्रबंधन में मूल रूप से विभिन्न तरीकों जैसे कि तालाबों में रिसाव के द्वारा पानी का भण्डारण, कुओं एवं कृत्रिम तालाबों के माध्यम से भूजल का भंडारण और पुनर्भरण शामिल है।. • The main problems for monitoring and evaluating projects are the lack of baseline data, impact data and common monitoring guidelines. Conclusion: National Watershed Project Appreciate kro, Mistakes in National Watershed Project Answer, Body1: राष्ट्रीय जलग्रहण परियोजना: विशेषताएं. Elucidate (Answer in 150 words) Majority of the Indian farmers are dependent on the rainfall for their irrigation purposes. We can summarize that the following are major problems in the desert areas that can be managed through planning: Water shortage; Depletion in Vegetation But this question deals with impact assessment of a specific non-flagship scheme. In 2015, the Ministry of Rural Development and World Bank signed a loan agreement to consolidate these initiatives under “Neeranchal National Watershed Project (NWP)” –. Discuss the advantages of river linking and its possible impact on the environment. Interactive video lectures in every lesson will help ... geographical features and their location- changes in critical geographical features (including water-bodies and ice-caps) and in flora and fauna and the effects of such changes. • Mobilizing local financial resources as the budget provided by the govt is insufficient to carry out adequate watershed management work. Government launched: Integrated Watershed Development Program (IWDP). Required fields are marked *. Runoff water from a large watershed in the midcontinental United States drains into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River system. Many topper Like Kanishak Kataria will tell you that Mains is what determine your rank. Span: >D-2 Years (because loan agreement signed in 2015, project timespan 2016-2021). 172 : Prelim-2021 Also Indian geography for Upsc. Special attention is paid to the needs of small and marginal farmers. Answer: Watershed is the geographical area through which water flows across the land and drains finally to extinct, lake or to ocean. The drainage pattern of an area is the result of the geological time period, nature, and structure of rocks, topography, slope, etc. Why are the world’s fold mountain systems located along the margins of continents? (Answer in 250 words) Environment and Geography: Mountain Ecosystem. Score: 4/> out of 10. The of Mains General Studies Paper-I will consist of 20 questions that needs to be attempted in a time frame of 3 hours. UPSC Main Exam Optional Subjects: Geography. Then, you must get a good score in your MAINS paper. Economic opportunities: Energy generation, Mining, farming, and tourism. Bring out the association between the global distribution of Fold Mountains and … Even in the areas where large size dams and irrigation canals are not available,  the availability of water will increase. GSM3/2016: What is water-use efficiency? Man is equally part of ecosystem as any other natural system. वित्त: विश्व बैंक द्वारा 50% ऋण, बांकी संघ द्वारा |  कुल> 2000करोड़।, समयसीमा : इसे 6 वर्ष (2016-21) की अवधि में लागू किया जाएगा।, हालांकि भारत के सभी राज्य और केंद्र शासित प्रदेश इसके लिए पात्र हैं, लेकिन पानी की कमी के उच्च स्तर का सामना करने वाले नौ राज्यों को प्राथमिकता के आधार पर  वरीयता दी जाएगी जैसे – आंध्र प्रदेश, छत्तीसगढ़, गुजरात, झारखंड, मध्य प्रदेश, महाराष्ट्र, ओडिशा, राजस्थान और तेलंगाना।, यह प्रधानमंत्री कृषि सिचाई योजना के लिए जलसंग्रहण के रूप में संपत्ति का सृजन करेंगे ।, वाटरशेड “+”  अभिगम यानि की स्थानीय भागीदारी, कौशल, रोजगार के अवसर।, ऐसी रणनीतियाँ बनाई गयी है ताकि वित्तीय मदद समाप्त  होने के बाद वाटरशेड बंद नहीं होगा।, हालांकि भारत में दुनिया की आबादी का 17% से अधिक हिस्सा है, जबकि इसके पास दुनिया के ताजे जल संसाधनों का मुश्किल से 4% ही है। अधिकांश भारतीय किसान सिंचाई के लिए वर्षा पर ही  निर्भर हैं।, वर्ष 2014 और 2015 में लगातार सूखे के कारण, भारतीय कृषि में शून्य से नकारात्मक वार्षिक वृद्धि देखी गई है।, आज भी हम कृषि की वार्षिक वृद्धि को दो अंकों तक नहीं पंहुचा पाए हैं। पानी की कमी इसके प्रमुख कारणों में से है।, राष्ट्रीय वाटरशेड परियोजना की परिसंपत्तियाँ वर्षा जल की सतह अपवाह को कम करने में मदद करेंगी, जिससे भूजल का पुनर्भरण बढ़ेगा।, पूरा होने पर राष्ट्रीय वाटरशेड परियोजना, बंजर भूमि के 12% को कृषि योग्य भूमि में बदल देगी ।, यहां तक कि जिन क्षेत्रों में बड़े बांध और सिंचाई हेतु नहरें उपलब्ध नहीं हैं, वहां भी पानी की उपलब्धता बढ़ेगी।, छोटे और सीमांत किसानों की जरूरतों पर विशेष ध्यान दिया जाता है। कुसुम सौर-सिंचाई पंप जैसी अन्य योजनाओं के साथ वे अपनी फसल में कई गुना वृद्धि  भी कर सकेंगे।, पानी और हरे चारे की बेहतर उपलब्धता से मवेशियों की दूध की पैदावार में सुधार होगा।, इस प्रकार, राष्ट्रीय जलसंग्रहण परियोजना मरुस्थलीय क्षेत्र में कृषि और दूध उत्पादन में सुधार करने में मदद करेगी, जो 2022 तक किसानों की आय को दोगुना करने के लिए काफी मदद करेगा|. Dec 28, 2020 - Drainage System - Geography, UPSC, IAS. Hence it consists area from water source to exit and include terrrain, floodplain, river basin and whole deltas, estuaries, tributaries, catchment area etc. While all the states and union territories of India are eligible for it but primary focus will be paid to the nine States facing higher level of water scarcity viz. I’ve given it here only for reference. How to Study Geography for UPSC? 2019 1. Why UPSC Asked this question? When completed, NWP will convert 12% of wasteland into arable land. हालांकि, 1990 के दशक में ‘वाटरशेड मैनेजमेंट’ शब्द ज्यादा प्रचलित हुआ जब सरकार द्वारा निम्न कार्यक्रम शुरू किए गए: विश्व बैंक की मदद से वर्षा आधारित क्षेत्रों के लिए राष्ट्रीय जलसंग्रहण विकास कार्यक्रम।. Out of them, GS Paper-I deals with History, Culture, Society and Geography. While senior players and those with geography as an optional subject may have been able to frame a decent answer. Body2: NWP: How Agro Production Will Improve? Watershed “plus” approach= local participation, skilling, employment opportunities. Your email address will not be published. Whether you will be in or out. It comprise of. 3. It gets very difficult to manage such subjects. SubscribeMains-Answer-Writing4 Comments1 year Ago. logical connectives, Some factoids/data, name of organizations etc. See more ideas about Geography, Ias study material, Study materials. UPSC Notes | EduRev is made by best teachers of UPSC. 01: Highlight the Central Asian and Greco -Bactrian elements in Gandhara art. A catchment area (recharge zone), • Natural physiography of region that gives the river its catchment area.• River or drainage itself including the surface runoff that drains at a common point• All the system & processes that maintain and recharge hydrological flow- rainfall and underground water resources• The upstream or upslope forest and vegetation that maintains the character of flow.• The local communities that depend on these natural systems• Their activities such as agri, fishing. • Decentralisation of govt schemes is necessary as the future role of state govt and line departments in watershed management is not clear. It is watershed concept which deals with all three aspects and try  to balance between nature system and compulsion of human activities. Taking river Ganges as an example, discuss the strategies which may be adopted for river water pollution control and management. This post is a compilation of our most viewed notes on Geography, which we think our readers should not miss. Contribution of Water by Various Rivers River % Contribution of water Brahmaputra ~ 40 Ganga ~ 25 Godavari ~ 6.4 Mahanadi ~ 3.5 Krishna ~ 3.4 Narmada ~ 2.9 Rest ~ 20 Classification of Drainage Systems of India Drainage Systems Based on the Size of the Catchment Area Division Size of catchment area in sq km Major river 20,000 Medium river 20,000 – 2,000 Minor river 2,000 and below … Timeline: It will be implemented over a period of 6 years  (2016-21). How can the mountain ecosystem be restored from the negative impact of development initiatives and tourism? 32 : CDS 2021-I Visit Mrunal.org/Mains for more on the Art of Answer-Writing, Sir I have required mrunal economy lecture, Your email address will not be published. (Answer in 150 words) Static Portion; 02: The 1857 Uprising was the culmination the recurrent big and small local rebellions that had occurred in the preceding hundred years of British rule. 1. A watershed can be small, such as a modest inland lake or a single county. National Watershed Development Program for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) with the help of World Bank. However, the term ‘watershed management’ gained currency since the 1990s. Check Geography notes category, if you want to read the complete archives. 2. Water crisis was a very hot topic for this year. Indian Geography study material for UPSC CSE help you Learn about all the aspects of Indian Geography. Check important map-based Geography questions with solutions that will be helpful in the UPSC (IAS) Prelims 2020 exam preparation. UPSC Mains GSM3-2019: Q7: Agro-National Watershed Project, Related questions in the past UPSC Mains Exams, Body1: National Watershed Project (NWP): Features. Under watershed management task the water management is one of the very important components. Permanent wilting point (PWP) or wilting point (WP) is defined as the minimum amount of water in the soil that the plant requires not to wilt.If the soil water content decreases to this or any lower point a plant wilts and can no longer recover its turgidity when placed in a saturated atmosphere for 12 hours.

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